The Mediating and Moderating Roles of Interdependent Self-Construal and Anger Suppression on Depression in an American Adult Sample

This is a research report of 3,000 words. However, the first part of the paper (i.e. lit review and method – approx. 1,500 words) has already been completed (see the attached word doc titled “Lab Report”). Though, there are some parts that need to be revised. I have highlighted these parts and written down my tutor’s feedback, which will need to be incorporated and addressed.

The other half of the paper that remains to be completed includes running the analyses in the SPSS program, reporting of results of these analyses, discussion of findings in light of the reviewed literature, and conclusion.
In-text citations are included in the word-count. The title page, reference list, tables and figures (including table /figure titles and footnotes/legends) are not included in the word count.
I have attached the additional information regarding the criteria for marking (what needs to be included for each section of report).

I have also attempted to upload the required SPSS dataset file, without any success. It appears that the format is not supported, therefore, the SPSS data file will have to be downloaded from the original source: The data was collected as a part of the MIDUS longitudinal study in America, a national survey of more than 7,000 Americans (aged 25 to 74).

Note that there are over 2,500 variables. Only three variables will be used for this lab report; these variables are: Self-Construal – Relational-Interdependent (B4QRISC), Spielberger Anger Expression – Inward (B4QAE_AI), and CESD: Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (B4QCESD).
Since the dataset is so large, to make the analyses easier, it will be imperative to create a reduced